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Low conversion rate? Low volume of sales? We can make a full analysis of your website and find the reasons.
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Need a webiste that will sell your services or products? We can create a protoype, make design and complete tech. part. Everything is turnkey!
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OUR RATES ARE LOWER than in companies from US, CA or Europe! And as you know Ukrainian teams show high quality.

What is the difference between our websites and other ones?

  • While developing a prototype we include marketing features that will sell your products or services effectively.
  • We start from interective prototype. It helps to implement all necessary functions at once and save time.
  • We analyze your target audience and find approach to potential clients.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Modern beautiful design!

Our Team

Max Vlasoff
Max Vlasoff CEO

He always looks for something to sell on the Internet and optimize workflow to increase efficiency.

Dasha Vlasova
Dasha Vlasova Sales Manager

Always meet client's needs and goals

Artem Ivanoff
Artem Ivanoff Traffic manager

Artem practices all up-to-date channels of traffic

Vladimir Kapustinskiy
Vladimir Kapustinskiy Project Manager

15 active projects? Not a problem!

Alexander Bondarenko
Alexander Bondarenko Front-end developer

Need clean coding? Not a problem!

Alexander Firsov
Alexander Firsov Developer

Guru of back-end. Alexander can always find suitable solution for every task!

Lizaveta Kosareva
Lizaveta Kosareva Front-end developer

Promising junior :)

Sergey Ponomarenko
Sergey Ponomarenko Web designer

Need a user-friendly website? Not a problem!

Oksana Mirgorodskaya
Oksana Mirgorodskaya Copywriter

Professional copywriter

Kydelya Sergey
Kydelya Sergey Sales Manager

Sergey can suite needs of every client!

Sales Manager is wanted
Sales Manager is wanted The vacancy is open

Send your inquires to info@krichet.com. We'd be happy to accept you to our team.

We work for results!

Our team consists of marketers, developers and designers with 6+ years of experience.


Our design highlights advantages of your services.


Create a burning desire to buy your products.


We always help our clients. Need to update your site? - We are in touch!


We can create a website with unique design from scratch.

User-friendly interface

Customers will surf your website easily.

Reliable websites

Find the best solutions to implement your project.


We sign IO. Our custommer support is always online and ready to help you.


The website will look great on all devices.

Landing Pages, websites, ecommerce

We develop the whole concept and choose the best technical solution.

We work with small sites and huge, ambitious projects. We will find the most effective way to solve any task. We don't use templates. Every website is unique!

Our skills


We work worldwide

Dubai • Ireland • Thailand • Oberlin • Prague • London • New York • Ottawa • Moscow • St. Petersburg • Ekaterinburg • Krasnodar • Krasnoyarsk • Syktyvkar • Kharkov • Kiev.

How do we work?

Learning your project

We set goals that should be reached by a new website.

Getting prepayment

We estimate cost of your project and sign the IO.

Creating interactive prototype

We develop the whole concept of the website, place blocks, texts and marketing features.


We involve designer to the project. He designs the prototype and get a ready-to-use PSD file.


Our developers bring design to life. We find and fix bugs to finish the website.

Getting our fee in full

No comments...

Supporting the project

If you need any help, we're always in touch and ready to help you.

Our additional services

Google Adwords, Bing&Yahoo

We're seasoned guys in contextual advertising:

  • setup Google Analytics and goals
  • find relevant keywords
  • create a list of negative words
  • prepare ads
  • setup campaigns for search: 1 keywords = 1 ad
  • setup campaigns for display network
  • fill in additional fields: phone, address etc.
  • setup remarketing
Campaign optimization

Do you already have active campaigns? We're ready to help you and offer the following:

  • analyze your campaigns
  • learn your niche
  • estimate your campaigns according to different figures: traffic sources, days, keywords, websites, groups and texts of the ads
  • create a detailed plan how imcrease results and send it to you for reviewing

We have a great experience in promoting different products through Social Networks:

  • create fan pages
  • get more fans, likes and comments
  • targeting ads in Facebook and Instagram

Do you still doubt that we can help you?

Submit the form and we will analyze your project FOR FREE.
In any case you lose nothing!

Check our blog. It's interesting!


We publish here results of our experiments, real cases with numbers and strategies. Review new tools and their efficiency. Go and check!